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Meet Caroline

Licensed Holistic Clinical Psychotherapist, Spiritual Psycho-energetic Healer, Life Coach & Consultant

Caroline is a compassionate psychotherapist who facilitates understanding and meaning-making of life events and experiences so that we are able to untangle the knots and move towards healing. Her approach is holistic, meaning she sees a person as a 'whole', as a "system" or a "network" with life experiences (negative or positive), with emotions and thoughts, with a soul and a body, with family and ancestral history, including the fascinating complex brain. She offers a sacred space conducive for healing trauma such as childhood, developmental, sexual, racial, spirituality; depression, grief, loss, betrayal, non-medical female sexual concerns, shame, challenges with forgiveness, attachment, vulnerability, and abandonment.

She facilitates mindful processing which could include life transitions, spiritual awakening, near-death experiences (NDE), anxiety & stress, identity confusion, immigrant family adjustment concerns, parenting coaching, codependency, relationship (traditional/non-traditional), conflicts, complex post-traumatic stress, and emotional/energetic blockages. She integrates mind-body-spirit practices such as mindfulness, meditation, hypnotherapy, breathwork, movement, expressive art, rhythm, soul retrieval, somatic bodywork, and dreamwork. She integrates Eastern healing philosophy and modalities such as chakra clearing and balancing, transpersonal psychology, yoga, Reiki, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and acupressure meridian points to release blockages and stress stored in the body.

She also integrates Western theories and treatment modalities such as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT), brainspotting (BSP), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), neuroscience, psychodynamic therapy, planning, and strategizing. ​As a holistic wellness life coach and consultant, she helps with non-medical chronic pain management, career transitions, sobriety and recovery coaching, lifestyle changes, psychic abilities, spiritually transformative experiences, mentorship, spiritual direction, empathy, psychedelic therapy integration, and intuition development. 


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