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Areas of Expertise

"Be warned that being an expert is more than understanding how a system is supposed to work. Expertise is gained by investigating why a system doesn't work." ~ Brian Redman

Years of accumulated professional training, supervision, research, personal, and clinical experience helps me with decision making and specialize in my unique customized therapeutic approach.

Trauma & PTSD

An emotional response to deeply distressing or disturbing experience(s) that disrupt life, relationships, jobs, careers, and education.


Types of  Trauma

  1. Acute - a single stressful or dangerous event

  2. Chronic - repeated and prolonged exposure to danger.

  3. Complex - exposure to multiple events.

  • Sexual, physical, emotional abuse

  • Death, loss, grief

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Natural disasters, childbirth, illness

  • Accidents, breakups, war

  • Cults, kidnapping, hostage

  • Racial, cultural, political, historical

All Hands In

Multicultural Concerns

Struggles relating to gender, race, religion, identity, socioeconomic, microaggression, macroaggression, diversity, colorism, discrimination, caste system, immigrant family values, ageism, and ethnicity.


  • Asian culture, American culture

  • International Cross-culture

  • Eastern & Western

  • Latinx

  • Immigration

  • Desi culture

  • Biracial, multiracial

  • Privileges

  • Microagression

Identity Clarity

Who am I? What am I? Where do I belong? Am I safe here? I am misunderstood, I feel I don't belong, I am afraid to speak up, I am confused.

If there are your thoughts and feelings we need to discuss identity crises, issues, concerns.


  • Biracial, multiracial

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Sexuality, gender

  • Age-related

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Rock Balancing


The state of being consciously aware of the present moment through emotions, thoughts, body, and breath.



  • Lowers stress

  • Reduces anxiety, depression

  • Increases coping skills,​

  • Physical, emotional, & mental wellness

  • Strengthens spirituality

  • Healing

  • Self-care

  • Pain management

  • Improves sleep


A sense of connecting to something bigger than oneself.

Can be...

  • Religion

  • Nature

  • Shamanism

  • Mediumship

  • Anything "YOU" believe works for you

Spiritually Transformative Experiences

What is STE?

STE is a spiritual experience that alters perception and reality once experienced. Such experiences expand consciousness, heighten psychic sensitivity, alter reality, questions values, beliefs, and purpose of life. This may be triggered by Near-Death Experiences (NDE), precognition, kundalini awakening, grief, depression including psychedelics, and religious experiences. 

Image by Harry Cunningham
Image by Ian Stauffer


The process of becoming stronger, confident, independent, courageous, and free.

*Having a Voice *Being Seen *Being Heard

*Freedom   *Advocacy  *Justice  *Independence

  • Social

  • Financial

  • Psychological

  • Political

  • Educational

  • Familial


Women's Wellness

"You May Not Control All The Events That Happen To You, But You Can Decide Not To Be Reduced By Them"

~ Maya Angelo ~

Childbirth, Parenting

Marriage, Relationships

Sexuality, Sex

Health & Wellness

Life Transitions

Empty Nesting Syndrome

Menstrual, Menopause

Career, Education

Self Healing

Cultural conflicts


Mother-Daughter relationship 

Female Intergenerational Conflict

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