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A holistic approach for healing the psyche (soul, mind, spirit), the mind (conscious & unconscious), and the mind-body-spirit. Integration of Eastern and Western psychology and therapeutic methods to best support the whole person. Looking into the internal family system to best understand the unique qualities of an individual, their role, lifestyle, and personal identity. Evidence based scientific therapeutic measures to help the heart centered and the mind centered individual heal.


Did you know that your mind can influence your body and that suppressed emotions and thoughts can cause physical discomfort or illness? 

Also, known as psychosomatic Disorders, some symptoms would look like...

  • Stomach pain

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle tension

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Insomnia

  • Restlessness

  • Joint pain

Working with a mind-body focused psychotherapist would not only help with pain management, stress reduction, and mindfulness practices but would also help to process and release suppressed emotions and trauma. 


Image by Alexander Krivitskiy


Ever felt stuck and unable to figure out what's preventing you from progressing in life? 


Based on the concept “Where you look affects how you feel”, BSP helps to access, process, and overcome blockages, negative emotions, phobias, traumatic experiences, self-sabotaging behavior, PTSD, grief, including any psychologically induced physical pain.

BSP is stimulated by eye movements and bilateral sound. It bypasses conscious thinking to access the deeper emotional and physical parts of the brain. It taps into the body’s natural process of intuition and healing ability.


BSP helps enhance creativity and healthy relationships.

Caroline informally describes BSP through a spiritual lens...


"it's as if a ray of light enters through your eyes and reaches into the hidden depths of the brain, where all secrets are stored. This ray of light shines on selective memories and gently unlocks its secrets to release and empower individuals. This ray of light decodes the complex entanglement of the mind, body, spirit, memories, emotions, and all other human senses to induce healing". 

PsychoEnergetic Healing


A mind-body approach to understanding and improving human behavior, emotions, sensations, and thought process. EP focuses on the relationship between the bioenergy system (Aura), neuro (brain), and electrophysiological (body) process and mental functions.

Based on universal life energy, Reiki is a spiritual healing art that helps facilitate emotional and physical healing, removes negative energies, and blockages that create physical/emotional ailments. It opens pathways to deeper spiritual connections.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is an acupressure technique used to treat physical, psychological, and psychosomatic ailments. Following the meridian system, EFT targets specific spots on the body with gentle tapping. EFT helps activate energy flow, opens trapped emotions,  and releases blocked energies in the muscle.

Are energy vortexes that connect to the bundle of nerves and major organs of the human body. They correspond to the emotional,  psychological, and spiritual states of being. For overall well-being, all chakras need to be clear, aligned, and balanced. Clearing and balancing chakras help with relaxation, clarity, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Ever experienced sensations beyond the ordinary five senses that could be scary, difficult to comprehend, make no sense, or appear like you are losing your mind or having a psychotic breakdown? 

Transpersonal psychology considers humans to be much more than their body and mind. 

It integrates spirituality and inner wisdom

to explore human consciousness, experiences, and the meaning of life. Here Eastern and Western philosophies are merged to heal childhood trauma, spiritual experiences, near-death experiences (NDE), and enhance psychospiritual development. 

Transpersonal experiences can even heal physical symptoms, intergenerational and ancestral trauma. 


Are you one of those who lose yourself in a book or a movie? One who feels like life is a story and you are a character in it?

Well, Narrative therapy would be a great fit for you! Here you will learn skills to write your own life's story and reauthor parts that you would love to change for healing and living a healthy successful life.

Creating your own narrative can be a very empowering experience. Learning to talk about uncomfortable experiences, gently exploring hidden parts of yourself, and rediscovering forgotten strengths by projecting emotions and thoughts in a nonthreatening manner. 

Image by Prophsee Journals

Expressive Arts

Did you know that therapy could be playful, colorful, wordy, textured, music, and filled with dance and movements? Of course, healing occurs in many forms. 

EAs provide an outlet for emotional, mental, and physical release. It gives voice to the voiceless. It brings rhythm to stiffness. It helps strengthen relationships with self and others. EA supports intellectual, emotional, and other functions of the body. It looks for the correlation between movement and emotions. ER helps with social connection, improves communication by translating verbal and non-verbal language, mood management, self-esteem, and positive body image. 


Would you make me cluck like a chicken against my will? Would you be putting invasive thoughts in my mind? Is this some sort of mind control?


A form of guided relaxation that gently relaxes the mind into a trance-like state to encourage deep focus and processing. Here one is always in charge of themself and is able to control or stop the process at any time they feel the need to. Hypnotherapy is used to treat stress, anxiety, phobias, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, undesirable behaviors, and negative habits such as smoking and emotional eating. Hypnotherapy also helps with pain management and relaxation. Guided hypnotherapy helps to focus inward and facilitate connection to inner resources which further helps to make necessary changes.

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